Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cancer Bitch - Road Warrior

Steve took a Monday off, so Cancer Bitch had a new driver. Self-described "little old lady driver" (death grip on the steering wheel, hugging the right lane) Gail took me to Johns-Hopkins Monday. We left my house at 6:30am and arrived at 7:45am, a new record time!

We had company at the Weinberg Cancer Center, the ex-husband of a dear friend insisted on coming over and regaling us with stories about in-laws and weird law cases for a couple of hours. I hadn't seen him in years and was very grateful for the visit. Was glad to introduce Gail to "5 Guys" (she called it 5 boys). For some reason, after chemo I always get a craving for Cajun fries. Our potatoes that day came from Shoshone, Idaho.

Cee-cee and I aren't getting along. (my wig) It's itchy and hot. Last night, Steve knocked the wig stand over. I woke up this morning to see a styrofoam head with hair standing up all over the place. I really need to learn how to tie a head scarf, or get confident enough to rock a bald look ala Isaac Hayes on the "Hot Buttered Soul" album.


Maureen said...

Shut your mouth! I think you should embrace the Isaac Hayes look, but only if you rock some gold chains. P.S. I love Gayle!

Diane Dimond said...

Five Guys??!! I LOVE Five Guys (or Boys!) We have one not far from us here in Rockland County, Brenda! I didn't know you were in love (as am I!) Next time you visit we must go there! No telling where the potatoes will be from that day.

Please tell Ms. Gail she looks fabulous - and I wish I could be there to be your driver some Monday...or at least to go with you two. What a hoot that would be!
That stupid, smelly, way unexpected trip in and out of DC (Silver Springs actually) was just not the time to try to come visit you. That snow storm was bearing down fast and I barely got home!

Love your chrome dome, my dear. Isn't there a part of that that is just so liberating? No primping necessary, no washing, curling, ironing .... Wow!

Big fat hugs to you, my dear friend.


Ree-C said...

Yep, I love Gail too; she's a real "G." And I love the look of Isaac's head, and think you should try it at least once, if not for anything but to experience total baldness in public. Not something you get to do everyday. But the real kicker is naming your hair "Cici," LOL!

Diana said...

Next time I'll drive and Gayle can just be along for company. I still love the itchy pageboy. It's cute on you and very"youthful".

felicia said...

Hey, this is your chance to mix up your look! Go bald one day, do a turban the next, try a scarf, don a wig. Why not? It sounds as if you are making the best of everything these days, and my hat is off to you. Did I say hat? That's another look. The important thing is to keep your spirits up and to keep fighting and to know that we're all here for you.

Mike Tucker said...

Five Guys and you in a stocking suit and gold chains. What are you thinking? You got stuff up top Isaac did not. Whatchy gon' do wit da girlz?

gena said...

So here's what it seems like you need from your Posse. we need to find someone in our NETWORK OF TALENTED FOLK who can give you options on how to rock your 'do, wig or no wig, turban or no turban, scarf or no scarf.

You only have to embrace Isaac Hayes if you WANT to. That would be like me having to embrace the Dick Cheney look, and maybe i just don't want to.

So: this is MY throw-down to everyone:
Who out there in the Boxilla-sphere knows someone who can help make this HAPPEN? Somebody out there knows a stylist who is brilliant with headwraps, turbans, what have you.

Lynne said...

Put me on the designated driver list. I'll even pick up other folks if they want to come along for the ride.

(Much love to Gail).

As for CiCi -- I believe there is a brand of wig that is especially designed to rest easy on sensitive bald heads. I'll try to find out where you can cop.

Anonymous said...

Idaho fries rule! Cancer Bitch should go naked! World peace is just around the corner. Love!

B Gates said...

Hey Box, I have never been described as the "ex-husband of a dear friend" before. Maybe I can use that description in my next court appearance. Your honor, I'm Bob Gates, the "ex-husband of a dear friend of Brenda Box who is representing Bubba Tyrone Shorty today"

Had a great time regaling you with stories just like old times. Jump out with the Issac look! Why not? You were always the one who didn't much care about public opinion anyway. If you had we couldn't have been friends all these years!