Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cancer Bitch- Swimming Against the Tide

Yes, I have Olympics Fever.  But for the past 2 weeks I've also had an upset stomach and severe lethargy.  I finally went to Johns Hopkins last week where they ran a series of tests and were as baffled as I was.

They finally called a few days ago and said my hemoglobin was low and that I need a blood transfusion.  If that is successful, then and only then, can they start me on a new immunotherapy program. 

I was relieved to know that my puny condition was NOT the result of all my drinking and carousing in New Orleans at the end of June.  I felt kind of guilty partying my ass off while my husband stayed home in a neck brace. (but not guilty enough to cancel the trip!) 

So, wish me luck, knock wood and do what you got to do.  I promise to clean up my act.  (for now)