Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cancer Bitch does too much

Cancer Bitch copped a ride to the Philadelphia Flower Show with a group of crazed women journalists. The flower displays were gorgeous. I especially liked the decorated cargo containers. But as usual with the Flower Show - its not the flowers its the food and drama...while leaving the parking lot in our mini-van we witnessed our parking attendants meltdown. One began beating his partner over the head and shoulders with his orange flag, while the other aimed karate kicks at his tormentor. We left Philly in a hurry!

Sunday, I had lunch with CSU pals Beverly and Ellen. We looked at yearbooks and remembered life at Moo U. Steve and I also attended the Tuckers Oscar party, where I correctly guessed the most Oscar winners. I won(?) the Tucker Oscar Traveling vase. Someone is getting that for Christmas....

All of this to say I did too much. When I went to chemo Monday, my white cell count was down, and I had to admit to the nurse that I had NOT worn my face mask while venturing out in public and had probably picked up all kinds of germs and viruses. As a result, I only received one of the two chemo drugs. I wore my fedora to Johns Hopkins Monday, my face mask, and with my glasses on I looked like "The Invisible Man."
I'm reading an interesting book sent by Sarah, "Black and White and Dead All Over," by John Darnton. Its about the murder of an editor at a big city newspaper. Obviously fiction. I also received "When Things Fall Apart," from Judy and Barbara gave me a copy of her book, "Fingerprints of God." Hopefully I can make a dent in all three before class starts again this Saturday.

PS: Big thanks to Marlis for taking on driving duties and for the hats and scarves!


Diane Dimond said...

....And hopefully you can balance having a good time and taking care of yourself!

Actually, I like to think of you as skulking around the countryside looking like a female version of Phantom of the Opera! Veeeerrrrry mysterious and beguiling.

Your good pal, Diane

Geri said...

Guess mom needs to come back and settle you down with homemade biscuits.

Msjallen said...

I'm thinking Michael Jackson look-alike and good luck with that reading -- get it done quick because a certain someone has sent an email already.

pagegirl said...

Box ~ What fun life be if you didn't live on the edge every once in a while. Now that the fun is over you can start behaving yourself, until fun knocks on your door again!<3

Mireille said...

The Flower Show is always about the drama. Remember the time my ride got seized by the cops?!??

Hope yo are enjoyning the books and recouping from the adventures.



boxilla said...

Flower Show Drama:

1. The Hurricane and the broken windshield wiper
2. Getting lost in Camden - 3 times
3. Trying to find Manyanuk
4. Cops and Mireille's car
5. Diane & Mireille - the curly willow caper
6. Carol and the horse drawn carriage
7. Double parking in front of Ishkabibbles
8. Rushing Felicia to the train station
9. Carol and the stolen leather pants
10. getting lost in the raggedy neighborhood near the old convention center

Anyone have anymore?