Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cancer Bitch Pimp Slaps the Bluebird of Happiness

Ok, I confess that the blog is late this week because I spent more time in a funk. Labs weren't good Monday AND they insisted I get a mammogram right away because of something they saw in the CT scan from last week.

After demolishing most of a carton of Lemon Haagen Daz and part of an apple pie, went to Washington Radiology, where they told me that the lump spotted in the CT scan was probably a false alarm.

More depressing news: a local company that was trying to develop a drug to fight pancreatic cancer has given up. Fortunately, it wasn't the drug in my trial, but still bad news.

Now for the good news: spent last weekend and will spend this coming weekend with good friends. My classmates at American U have formed a team for the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" with a goal of raising $2,000 by April 17th. They've already raised more than $2,500. Go "News at 11!"

And I'm off next week! Time to munch on some chocolate bunnies....


Msjallen said...

Very Cute picture.
May the good news and good friends sustain you And the next time you need to indulge in HD, may I suggest HD 5 - Milk Chocolate!

Shorty said...

Love the big teddy bear. Give it a hug when you need one and nobody is around. It will make you feel better.

I trust in God and there will be better news ahead. I continue to pray for your strength and health.

Ellen (Shorty)

gena said...

I hope you have an Easter Basket with a "Shit, Bitch, You REALLY is Fine" Easter Bunny.

Thank you for your updates -- and keeping all of us who love and pray for you (and would pimp slap for you in a heartbeat) in the loop.