Monday, March 15, 2010

Cancer Bitch Takes a Week Off

No chemo today. Just tests and more tests. Since this was a vacation from the drugs, I pretended I was in Paris with Nelly.

Since I actually had an appetite today, Steve and I visited Lexington Market for lunch. Reading Terminal it ain't. That place is all the way live. I don't think I've ever seen so many restaurants in one place selling chicken wings (stewed, fried, barbequed, baked, broiled and smothered). Also chitt'lings. Eeuuuuw! It was great to see something in Baltimore that had nothing to do with the hospital. It occurred to me during the drive up there today that my hospital visits were making me hate the very sight of the city.

Anyway, feeling good today and getting started on homework!


felicia said...

Enjoy that week off. It sounds like you are doing OK and hanging tough. I think of you everyday and I send a prayer to whatever it is in the universe that helps makes all of these things right.

Diane Dimond said...

good food, Bren. Ok, not the chitterlings (or however you spell it.)
Good you were able to skip chemo today! Now, you know there are great areas of Baltimore - the waterfront, etc.
Let's plan to meet there and waste a lot of time together and drink and eat things!
I love you Brenda!


michael said...

Hey Brenda
I just got Mic' google account so that I can blog:) It's good to know that you have gotten a break from the chemo. Baltimore has many gems that we overlook because DC has so much beauty too. Brenda check out the Walter's Gallery because it will transport you with awe!
Enjoy your feast. Sending you prayers and well wishes all the time.
Love Charlene

Msjallen said...

Have you seen the American Museum of Visionary Art? It will transport you too -- but in a totally different direction than the Walter. Enjoy the break.

Lynne said...

If you are in B-more Wednesday - Sunday, you can check out the Reginald Lewis Museum, which has a Romare Bearden exhibit through March 28.

Laura Rush said...

I agree with JoAnne -- the American Museum of Visionary Art is fantastic. It's quirky and weird and pretty much a perfect distraction.