Friday, March 4, 2011

Cancer Bitch Celebrates Spring!

(Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado)
You know the old saying,
"Want to hear God laugh? Just tell him what your plans are."

A year ago, I was sick, tired and sick of feeling crappy. I asked God to just let me live long enough to see Nelly graduate.

Today, my doctor told me that the tumor had shrunk - again, and said perhaps I need to keep closer track of my diet and exercise.

He also said to come back in April and we would see what's what. That was actually the last thing I thought I'd hear. I thought my luck had run out. But on second thought, maybe I should buy more lottery tickets. Enough of the stinkin' thinkin'.

My daffodils are beginning to grow, Easter is coming, and Nelly graduates in May. I'm living life one day at a time - and thinking maybe I should keep putting money in my retirement account. You just never know....