Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cancer Bitch - Can't Stop

Suddenly my medication is back in supply. Could it be because of the Senate bill recently filed? Hmmm.

H.R. 2245 would require all drug manufacturers to give the FDA at least six months’ notice for a discontinuance or interruption in drug production, or face fines. It would also require the HHS Secty to notify drugmakers if a drug is vulnerable to a shortage. Sen. Klobuchar has introduced a companion measure (S 296) in the Senate. The current authorization of the FDA’s drug review process expires in fall 2012, Sens Harkin and Enzi have pledged to mark up the reauthorization measure by early next spring. (CQ Today 9/13/11)

Monday afternoon, I received the phone call from my nurse telling me to throw out the Xeloda, I'm back on 5FU as of Tuesday afternoon - which means 3 days every other week of lying around on infusion therapy. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I was mobile on Xeloda - went back to work the day after chemo. On the other hand, its turning my hands and feet black - and no one has any idea if its working as well as the 5FU.

So I'm back to watching "Judge Judy," and feeling yucky. On the other hand, 5FU has worked wonders so far, so I'll suck it up and welcome Nurse Hung back with some brownies.

Theme for Today's drive to Johns Hopkins -

Nelly's driving me to JH again. I'll need your prayers!