Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has sprung

Easter was fabulous! Went on the annual cherry blossom walk with the girls (for some reason the guys complained about not being invited).

Grandbabies visited, and we had Easter brunch with the usual crew. I've learned that if I don't suck down a lot of meat and fat, I don't get as sick (go figure). So, I ate a small amount of ham, lots of salad and tried to hurt myself on the Red Velvet Cake.

Back to Hopkins today, where I was told I'm being taken off the Abraxin trial because my liver just wouldn't allow it. The good news is I'm still on chemo, starting a new regimen next Tuesday. The bad news - I have to get a port. Just damn.

I look on skipping chemo as good thing - it gives me a week of energy to study for the comprehensive test that I have to pass Saturday in order to get my Masters, and time to write the article I have due for class. It's all downhill from here.

Graduation May 8th!


Msjallen said...

They're sooooo cute!

Diane Dimond said...

Brenda (dare I say Grandma Brenda?)
These girls are scrumptiously delicious! I love their fancy Easter dresses too.
Are you planning some festivities for your graduation - and - are you inviting out of town guests?
Let's talk soonest, my dear. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Diane

Diana said...

I want to come to seer you graduate!
The girls are gorgeous but you know that . You can see your pride in them in the pictures you take!

Shorty said...

I'm with D Diamond, are you having a celebration for your graduation? I hope so because I plan on coming (invited or not), as long as I'm not out of town for my job.

Cute grand daughters - you realize being a grandmother makes you SO SO OLD - HA!