Monday, January 25, 2010

Cancer Bitch - Chemical Warfare

I have a new definition of hell.

Its sitting for over an hour in a hospital waiting room, and listening to a nearby kid constantly playing the song "Witchdoctor" by the Chipmunks.

"I Told The Witch Doctor You Didn't Love Me true!
And Then The Witch Doctor He Told Me What To Do!
He Said That:
Ooh to the eeh the ooh the ahah to the ting to the tang the wallawalla bingbang
Ooh to the eeh the ooh the ahah ting tang wallawalla bingbang"

By the tenth airing, even the parents had enough and decided they'd rather tolerate screaming from their kid than another round of helium-infused rodent voices.

Another day of doctors rounds, more puncture marks - but I finally got a chemo schedule today. Every Monday through March 1st, at the crack of dawn. Had some nausea after the first treatment, but so far, so good...


Anonymous said...

Hope the Chipmunks aren't part of the the treatment. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Lynne said...

Sometimes chemo changes your tastes. So if you find you have a craving for something unique, just say so and we're on it!

Msjallen said...

That kid ain't right. Next time go all Jimi Hendrix on him - distortion and reverb - and see how he likes it.

Geri said...

Hey, the kid did his job. He gave you a distraction. Hope the nausea is history. Holler if you need a Monday driver.

Diane Dimond said...

It's all good, Brenda. Just keep telling yourself that.
And, get another song in your head!
How about "The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music?"
okay, ... how about "99 bottles of beer on the wall?"

love you, Diane

Diana said...

how about strawberry milkshakes?And then sleep.. But make sure the strawberrys are fresh and lots of vanilla ice cream and milk. Nothing is bad after a nice big milkshake. It was Larry's favorite way to fight nausea. If you don't like strawberrys. Find another thing you like and go crazy. Nix the chipmunks. A little Bruce Springstein would be better and you wont be screaming from the room
Love Di

kathy said...

I am off most Monday's and can drive if Steve has to work. Glad the nausea isn't too bad. Hang in there.

Gwen said...

Springsteen? Julie Andrews? Chipmunks? Strawberries? C'mon, ladies, I think we're in Mary J. Blige territory here, aren't we?

Love, love, love to you Brenda. AND attitude.

felicia said...

Sorry that kid was so annoying. KEEP HANGING IN THERE. Can you bring an Ipod next time?

gena said...

At some point, there will be a party..and now you are basically daring us to play this song for you.

That said, does that child know who he's messing with?