Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cancer Bitch Gets a Guardian Angel

What could have been a sad and somber trip to Huntington, WV culminated in a joyous homegoing for my sister-in-law Karla. There was no funeral service, just a gathering of friends and loved ones.

My step-daughter wrote a wonderful eulogy, which included,

"Friends and family will most miss her infectious laugh and joy of life and encourage others to come celebrate her life between 2 and 4 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010, (leaving plenty of shopping time afterward) . The family would like to thank the supportive staffs at Ohio State University medical centers and Hospice of Huntington. In lieu of flowers Karla would probably appreciate donations to The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio; the Joan C. Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center in Huntington; or, The Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House in Huntington."

All of this left me more determined than ever to fight this. My husband and his family deserve a break from grief. We also bought a Powerball ticket while in Huntington because we figured one family can't have all this horrible luck without some occasional good luck!

Okay - the human pin cushion is back in DC. Had a PET scan today and they lied - there were no puppies! Then they took more blood. Back tomorrow - still don't know which drug protocol I've been assigned. Sigh....


Mike Tucker said...

Your courage and humor are inspiring. We love you madly, dahling!

Diane Dimond said...

You all deserve a rest from the grief, Bren. And remember we are all here, standing behind you, to do whatever will help you fight this fight.
Wait, stop looking around! You can't actually SEE us there you Knucklehead! We're invisible - BUT WE ARE THERE FOR YOU.
Love you,

felicia said...

I am here, Brenda, with Mike and Diane and all the rest of us. I think you know who we are. We love you, we stand all around you, we will lift you if you ever fall down. Keep fighting and know that you are never alone. Much Love, Felicia

Ree-C said...

Well Carla was fierce, so I can't think of a better Guardian Angel. I know she lived her life to the fullest. Just like I know that you are going to win this battle.

Desda said...

Karla was fierce and showed such amazing courage. What an inspiration. Know that I'm sending prayers and positive energy your way as you begin treatment. Love, Desda

Judy Muller said...

You have so many guardian angels, Bren, and I am one of them!! I echo everything everyone has already said here, to the 10th power. Kristen and Kerry also send their love. Kerry is still cancer-free, almost five years after her battle with breast cancer, so she sends EXTRA healing vibes your way. Thank God for your sense of humor --it's a powerful force. And just one of the reasons we all love you so much.

Mireille said...

Hi Boxtops,

You are bathed in love, support and warmth from family and friends, near and far. I am in awe of your spirit and determination.



Lynne said...

You and your family deserve every drop of the love & support we're all sending, liberally sprinkled with joy. Take what you need -- free refills.

Lil said...

Brenda, know that your Mom loves you very, and will always be there for you. I have always been so proud of you. Your family sends up prayers for you daily. If I could take the cancer, instead of you, I would do it gladly.
Love you

Happy Clown said...

Bren you know that old song send in the clowns. I am here for you and your family to do whatever, whenever for whomever. Use me.
We love you Sylvia Aka Streamer Da Clown, Ms Princess, Paul, Solomon, Jeff and Aaron.