Monday, January 11, 2010

Cancer Bitch - Big "C" needs to back up off my Friends and Family!

Karla died today. She was such a force of nature and so full of life that its hard to believe. Steve flew to University of Columbus Medical Center last year to provide a bone marrow transplant - and for a while the news was so good! But she went into decline just before Christmas. There is nobody like her. Thank you, Karla, for introducing me to the joys of Gabriels, "real" pepperoni rolls, and Huntington Yard Sales!

Goodbye also to Marcia Slacum Greene, whose memorial service takes place Tuesday. I'll miss it, as I have to trek up to Johns Hopkins for tests and paperwork. Steve says he's holding up fine, but I don't believe him for one second.

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Ree-C said...

Just give him more love than he can stand; God is with him, GD and Carla's family. I will always remember her as classy and elegant, with a long blonde braid and hat. Fierce and fearless. Coming to the Clark family reunion and fitting right in.