Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cancer Bitch tries home remedies

New round of chemo. This time, Lynn, a charter member of the invisible posse, drove me to JH, to the Blalock building, where I had a port implanted. Had to take a photo of Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock, even though, thanks to HBO, I'm always going to see them as Mos Def and Alan Rickman.

Spent 3 hours getting chemo, then got hooked up to a pump which dispenses chemo for 46 hours. The good news is - I'm at home during all this - the bad news, I'm nauseous and sleepy. The prescription for my anti-nausea drug costs $413, so I declined and went old school (think college dorms). A nurse will come to my home and unhook me Thursday. Unlike last time, I only have to do this every two weeks!

Got a mystery answered this week. On the way to JH, we always past a large brick tower and I couldnt figure out its purpose. Its called the "Shot Tower." Did they shoot people? No, but close.


Anonymous said...

It's always 4:20 somewhere.

Mike Tucker said...

Hey, if U need mo meds that's what friends R 4. Lean on us, 4 real!

Shorty said...

I think the news can be seen as good news, although it does have you feeling sick. At least you're home doing this and it's every 2 weeks. Hang in there!

I agree with M Tucker, if you need anything that's what you have friends for. Let me know whatever you may need and I'll be there for you as you have always been for me.

Interesting photo, can I test it on some folks on my job? SMILE!

The email I tried sending you, came back - I'll call you and see what happened.

Be Bless and Keep the Faith!