Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cancer Bitch and Drugs

I'm learning many things on this journey - just because they give you a lot of pill bottles, don't necessarily take them. All. At the same time. And move them away from your bed so you don't pop something random at 3am and wonder why the hell the bed is starting to move like a toboggan at the Winter Olympics!

Had a trip to the emergency room after class on Saturday, temperature spiked to 100.7. I didn't want to go, I was exhausted and lethargic, but Steve dragged me into the car in the driving rain. I figure the emergency room visit would just make me feel worse - but it didn't. We went to Inova Fairfax, where, after checking me in, I was immediately shown a private cubicle (elapsed time 5 minutes). Two blood tests later, they said they couldnt find anything, my temperature had dropped so they kicked me out. They all gave me their numbers to check back on the blood tests and everyone was as friendly as could be.

Lets go back a few years - one Saturday night when she was 5 or 6, Nelly ended up at the emergency room at DC General. She had spent the night with a relative. Said relative called me at midnight and elegantly pointed out that I needed to meet her at DCG because Nelly fell against the corner of a wall and , cut her forehead, and was "bleeding and her meat hanging out." I was there in two minutes, they arrived in a cab (got mad cuz I wouldnt pay for it). I rushed her in got her checked then sat and waited for service. Nelly had a dish towel wrapped around her head. I spent two hours sitting amidst drunks and gun shot victims watching Billy Dee Williams informercials until I noticed Nelly was bleeding. I jumped up, dragged her to the counter, plopped her down on it and went all "Riki Tik" on their asses. Needless to say, she got immediate attention. I wonder if she would have that scar on her forehead if I had taken her to a better hospital.

Yesterday was a LOOOOONG Hopkins day. Got there at 8am, and was told I should have yet another CT scan, then chemo. This time both Steve and I slept through the chemo. The only problem is, and elderly blue-haired lady in the cubicle next to mine was arguing with the nurse about her blood results, "What do you mean I tested positive for cocaine? I don't use cocaine!" I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Oh, also found out that one of the drugs the doctor gave me was an "anti-psychotic" that fights nausea. Yeah, it also makes you lazy as a lizard and dizzy. They took me off that. And the $400 drug? There's a generic. Sigh....

We got back from JH at 5pm and found a wonderful treat in the doorway - a box of Wolferman's English Muffins, scones, coffee and cinnamon creme honey. Paradise!

What comes up, must come down. JH called tonight - have to go back for surgery tomorrow. Just. damn.


Lynne said...

Maybe the difference was that Steve was with you and they were too afraid to mess with him (I know I would be!).

Glad the fever went away.

Diane Dimond said...

Oh, Brenda ... What a long and frustrating road you are on!

I wish, wish, wish I lived closer and could leave you little goodies on your doorsteps and to - well, just be there for you, generally speaking. What wonderful friends you have~!

Now that they've taken you off the lazy-lizard meds do you feel better? Have more energy?

400.00 for one script?! Yikes!

Love you, Diane

Geri said...

I have to read the blog to get the whole story, huh? Love your fighting spirit. Hang in there.

Melanie Kramer said...

We will miss you if you can't make it Saturday, but it's over! It will just be an excuse to have another BBQ this summer when you are feeling better.

Mike Tucker said...

You are NOT alone. We love you.

Ree-C said...

Love your writing, you always make me laugh. I love you to pieces and can't wait to see you this week!

Leon Wynter said...

Hey, Box-
Leon Wynter, former --whatever it is I was or did ---I was always a fan of that Rocky Mountain sturdiness of yours.

That cancer just doesn't know what it's up against.

I've caught a case myself, but I'm also still standing and working, praise God. And you're so right: so hard to choose between keeping the drugs organized and regular, picking and choosing at random or just dashing them all away.

But don't, especially the pick and choose thing.

Stay strong, love well, and keep in touch!