Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cancer Bitch Gets Served

Today my posse for the trip to JH was a friend who makes a mean Chicken Tetrazinni and homemade Pound Cake!

We exchanged stories on the road about childhood run-ins with bears in Yellowstone (both times bears leaned on cars scaring the crap out of us) and hiking past steam vents at Volcano National Park in Hawaii (once again scaring the crap out of us). She told me about her new glasses, and I told her about my vision problems in May (which went away) and how I continued driving to work at that time. She went ballistic!

Told me that I was alternately gung-ho about fighting cancer and passive-aggressive with negativity - saying to myself I'm not going to survive this anyway and can therefore justify eating an entire bag of potato chips. Caught! It was so true I had to laugh out loud. That's what happens when you ride with a professional life coach. I had a huge chunk of her pound cake for dinner, but I'll have a salad and lots of fruit tomorrow.....


Diane Dimond said...

I wish I were there to drive with you to JH. And, to eat that pound cake! and some fresh crabs on the waterfront and some...well, you know.

I'm thinking of you constantly, my friend. And of Steve and Nelly too.

Please come back soon to visit again. This madness over the book will be over soon!

If I come there for book tour stuff can we go play?

Love and hugs,

Geri said...

I'd know that poundcake anywhere. When is it my turn to drive--or is that a scary thought for you? I've only been asking for months.

Ree-C said...

Tell your friend how much I love her and how grateful I am to her for saying that to you. She said what I wanted to say but didn't want to because I didn't want to face your ire. And so you were having vision problems in May, when your eyes were scarlet red, huh? And didn't say so when me and Mom asked you directly? When I see you next I am going to pinch you really hard..