Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cancer Bitch Takes a Snooze

This week's weird symptom: everytime I nod my head forward, the bottoms of my feet tingle. No one can explain why this happens - the doctor just looks at me and says, "chemo isn't doing this." The nurse told me I can avoid this by not nodding my head.

My chemo session went well this week - got in and out in record time, and slept through the entire procedure. The nurse actually had to wake me up to unplug me. Marlis was my driver - we got back early enough to get lunch and make a "Ross" run.
Next week I get yet another CT scan and have a meeting with my Doctor.

I blame "chemo brain" for forgetting that my wedding anniversary was a celebration of 17 years of marriage - not 15, and not 18! I don't do math. It was a wonderful weekend. Mary and Phil flew in from Idaho for the Boise State game and we had Saturday brunch at Eastern Market. (fish breakfast with North Carolina grits and scrambled eggs). We also bought homemade Pop Tarts at another restaurant.

Steve and I went out to a wonderful dinner at the Old Anglers Inn (I had scallops, he had Prime Rib). Sunday we went over to Mike and Geri's for dinner and other friends surprised us there. (Pound Cake with Chambord Sauce!) Thank goodness I still have an appetite.
We have wonderful friends.

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jallen said...

"don't nod your head" -- gotta love modern medicine. Stay Strong.
(ps- you guys are so cute in yr b&w photo!)