Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cancer Bitch - "No Grits No Glory"

We're back from a whirlwind summer of travel - Grand View, NY; Parkersburg, WV; Pensacola, FL. Am now back on chemo and wishing I were back on the beach. We saw movies ("Dinner for Schmucks" "Salt" "Despicable Me" ate a LOT of food and actually got some rest.

Now, I loved "Lulu's" and "Rockland Bakery" in Nyack, and had fabulous "Grape Salad" in Parkersburg (yeah, I know its not really a salad - details, details). But my favorite place in Pensacola was the "Coffee Cup"(went three times) where I discovered the joys of deep-fried French Toast. Its a southern axiom that anything tastes better deep-fried and damn that French Toast was good!

My second discovery was "Grits A Yaya." They did a lot of creative stuff with grits in Pensacola (Nassau Grits also fabulous). But the "Fish House" restaurant's Grits a Yaya made with smoked gouda and shrimp made me actually consider moving to Florida to be near my new love. My vacation resulted in a gain of 12 pounds. Success!

(shout out to "Oh Snap" cupcakes in Pensacola where Mom was scandalized by the price of $2.50 per cupcake!)

My third discovery was I could actually take it easy and still have a good time. And when people allowed me to rest or when they offered help - I learned to accept it graciously. My cousin, Shenae, actually whipped up some "Spiced Pecans" when I came over for dinner.

You know this was a long time coming. I didn't want to feel like "The Patient" and I was determined to party as hard as I did before the big "C". But I learned, thanks to all who hung out with me this summer, its the people not the party. Took long enough....

Now my next party will feature giant cupcakes and Grits a Yaya. With limoncello!

A very empty Pensacola Beach.


jallen said...

Please tell me you got the recipe for the grits... sounds divine. I'd moved to Pensacola for that.

jallen said...

Make that "move" -- where are editors when you need them???

Diane Dimond said...

I'm completely jell-ous that you've learned to relax and enjoy well...just LIFE - before I did. I'm older, I'm supposed to lead the way.
Sounds as though your summer has been grand, my friend! So happy that it was. And glad our little slice of live -Grandview-on-Hudson, played a part in your super-season.
Now, just don't tell your Mom how much the cupcakes are at LuLu's!
(4 bucks each!!)
Love you,

michael said...

Sounds like you had an adventure and a really good time. I've been thinking that I want to check out Clear Water FL where all the old folks go. Age + wisdom and really curious about the beauty of the water, people, and place. Any words of wisdom?

boxilla said...

@michael. Visit first, during the off season. It might be too boring. Fortunately, Pensacola has a college, light opera, musical theater and lots of stuff in driving distance!

Diana said...

Deep fried French Toast? I thought mine was pretty spectacular but deep fried? I'm joining your posse next time. Twelve pounds? I figure the french toast and grits would result in at least 20.

felicia said...

It was great to see you when your summer tour brought you right into the heart of New York, the divine Times Square. Your post made me hungry. And ready for a long vacation myself. It's also good to remember that the people are the party. Party on, Brenda. I send best wishes!!!

afamteach said...

I need some Grits a Yaya! And a treadmill of course. It sounds like a great summer break.

ShenaebytheBay said...

I have added the Coffe Cup to my list of must revisit restaurants in Pensacola. Here is my list:
The Coffee Cup
The Tuscan Oven
Jasmin Fusion
The Shrimp Basket (Fried Pickles YUM!!!)
Seoul Garden (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
The Donut Hole (Destin, FL)

boxilla said...

My list includes:

The Coffee Cup
Jim's Diner
The Fish House
"Oh, Snap" cupcakes!