Monday, February 15, 2010

Cancer Bitch is Fine

This was a surprise. Saturday I got a package containing a little stuffed bear with a mouthy heart. No note, no indication of who sent it.

Just know I LOVE IT!

It came from Love is Lame, which has a number of seriously bent products.

Did the trip to Johns Hopkins today - this time no traffic, no snow worries, and we were in and out of there in record time.

Its my first Momless Monday in two weeks, and I'm missing her, but she's got a life to get back to. She's the one who taught me to keep busy in the first place!

Haven't lost a dread yet - but I'm noticing bald patches in between so I'm now trying to teach myself how to rock a scarf. Did you know they give you prescriptions for wigs?


Diane Dimond said...

Love the Mouthy Bear - wish I'd thought of sending it to you!

Been traveling for three solid weeks now. Massachusetts for the Nancy Kerrigan dad funeral (17 below), North Carolina for John Edwards scandal (15 degrees), NY for just 30 hours to pick up clean underwear, then on to Aspen for Charlie Sheen domestic violence hearing (7 degrees), then back to N.C. to see the Edwards sex tape turned over to a judge.(15 degrees with winds gusts of 50mph) Then, on the way home I started to feel sick. Home one day and had to go to Chicago to do something I'd promised for German TV (Jacko doc) - REALLY got sick on the flight back last night. Head cold, fever...etc.
All that a feeble excuse for not calling you. I knew Mom was with you though - but now I see she's gone.
Let's talk soonest....I'm off to bed now ~ cough ~ sniffle ~.

felicia said...

I love that bear, too. Wish I had sent it. I do send belated Valentine Day greetings and many good wishes. It has been cold and snowy here in New York but everyone is hanging tough. I am taking Gabriel to a play tonight about the Tuskegee Airmen. Brenda, I plan to see you in Obama-land sometime in the next couple of months. Take good care.

Lynne said...

You IS fine!

Debora said...

Hi Brenda,
The bitchy teddy bear is awesome and would beat out a dozen roses anyday. I'm glad that you still have a good sense of humor. It's gold!

Hugs & Kisses!

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Anonymous said...

Love dat bear! Love you! Ro