Monday, June 18, 2012

Cancer Bitch Rings the Bell

I did it! Finished my last session of radiation on Monday. The ritual at Hopkins is that once you finish, you are entitled to ring the iron bell, so I smacked the bejeesus out of it!

Will check in with my doctor in about 3 weeks and see if any progress has been made. The next step might be surgery. (fingers are crossed) I also finished the PurpleStride DC 5k Walkathon and raised almost $1500! Thanks to Kathy, Gail and others who turned out for team "Boxtops"

It was not without a price. Steve and I were both limping when it was over. We went to breakfast at Eastern Market, then headed to the car - where he took a header over a cobblestone and hit his head on a street lamp. It was frightening because there was a LOT of blood. But the patrons of a nearby restaurant sprung into action - bringing towels, ice, calling 911. It was heartening. Also, once we got Steve to George Washington University Hospital, they sewed him up (18 stitches) and gave him 2 CT scans.
The EMT's who brought him there Saturday afternoon, stopped by his room Saturday night to see how he was doing.  Gail (human pit bull) went with me to GW and refused to leave.  She finally left that night, and came back Sunday afternoon to help me check him out.  I supposed now we have to buy her living room furniture - doesn't seem dinner will do it.

He had to stay overnight and his Fathers Day wasn't quite what he had in mind. The kids have promised to throw him a "Daddy Do-over Day" in July. So, now he's at home, looking purple, but he's fine. And he starts Graduate School classes next Monday. In a neck brace.
And I, loving wife that I am, will board a plane to Pensacola Tuesday. Then its on to New Orleans for the National Association of Black Journalists Convention. There WILL be martinis.


Diane Dimond said...

Talk about the agony of deFEET! Can we please just keep you guys out of the hospital? Good holy grief!
Well, the up side of course is that you are both alive and thank God for that! Brenda, you know I pray for you every day (see, its working!)
Steve, you look like you've gone a couple rounds with Mike Tyson my friend. Don't let Brenda force you to do any more long walks or you may again loose control of deFEET. Brenda, travel safely. Have a martini for me.
Miss you guys. Your pal, Diane

DIane Burr said...

Yeah, Box. Prayers and healing vibes coming your way so you WILL do the surgery and be healthy again and free of this.

OMG! Poor Steve! Hope he recovers soon, and gets his strength up. Grad school will whoop him over again...


CoachWrite said...

Tell Steve to keep his students wondering about his stitches. That should enhance his already formidable street cred.

I bet that street pole is sorry it messed with him.

Fingers crossed for surgery. In the meantime, I'll hold a spot at the bar for you in NO.

Mireille said...


Ring that bell, girl! There ain't no stoppin' you.

And, let's buy Steve a steak for that shiner.

Enjoy FL and Nawlins.


Felicia Lee said...

Congratulations to you and Steve for hanging in there! I always keep you and your family in my thoughts. I wish I were in New Orleans but back here in New York Gabriel is graduating from 8th grade on Wednesday and going to his "prom" on Thursday. I send much love. -- Felicia