Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cancer Bitch - Holiday Part 2

Yes, y'all. I get another chemo holiday! Tumor hasn't shrunk, but its not growing either. I promise not to lose my mind this time around. I've cut my one cupcake-a-day habit (just kidding)
Just have to check in with Johns Hopkins once a month, for the time being. Don't know how long it will last but I WILL enjoy it!

(AS IF! I love Madonna, but this is what I wore to an NABJ Halloween party, circa 1983. With lots of help from Jenna Lamond)


Diane Dimond said...

I remember that! Didn't Jenna and I put that tatoo on your upper arm? Look how absolutely CUTE you are in that picture!!!
Glad to hear the news that Johns-Hopkins is just once a month now and that you're monitoring the same-sized tumor. (can't they just cut that thing OUT now?)
Love your positive outlook, Bren. Its keeping you healthy!
Miss you.


Diane Dimond said...

P.S. I also remember those funky blinds I had on the windows at the house on T Street in Georgetown. And that little silk pillow - picture left. I miss that little silk pillow!
(You really look hot in this pic, Bren!)

boxilla said...

Jenna helped me rip the stockings and put on my fake tatoos! I loved hanging at the house on T Street. What was that Mexican restaurant we used to always go to in the Georgetown Mall?

Mireille said...

I not only remember your get up, I recall mine: Minny PEarl. As if!

Glad you are on holiday!

jallen said...

Great news! Good to have some good news right about now. Enjoy your holiday break -- I hope it's a long one.

boxilla said...

Bad news, Mireille. I still have that picture of you as Minnie Pearl!