Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cancer Bitch - Gets her Pa'ina (party) on!

Confession - I partied my ass off over the Holidays. If you gave a party, I was there. And now, we're heading to Pensacola to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday! Whoot!

This is the woman who taught me to take chances. To love sushi, hula, powwows, rodeo and Tex Mex food. She wasn't afraid to try anything, including joining the Army straight out of high school at age 17, in order to build a life, or going to Saudi Arabia to rebuild her life.

The theme for her party is "Aloha" which means "peace" and "love" and also, lately, "hello" in Hawaiian. So, we going "lolo"(crazy), will shower her with leis and have da kine luau!

My energy is good, chemo continues, for now, and I'm resigned to this being the new normal.

My New Year's Resolution is "stop it." A friend sent me a great list of "30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself," including "stop trying to make things perfect," and "stop holding grudges." Okay that last one is hard 'cuz I can be evil. I'm working on it....

Another great list I found, "How to Talk About Your Cancer." Please, please, please let me know when I slip into "pity party" mode.

Meanwhile, enjoy the spirit of "Aloha!" (this video is the real deal - stuff tourists don't see)

Okay, one more video. Dese da kine fine kane (men)!

Pau Hana (all done - peace out!)


Diane Dimond said...

Oh,how I wish I could pack up and go to Pensacola with you to help Lillian celebrate her milestone BD! You must tell her from me that she needs to tell everyone she is 60 - not 80 - because THAT'S what she looks like.
We are both lucky girls, Bren, because we had strong, independent women (Mothers) in our lives who gave us permission to do what felt right to us instead of trying to please others (men) Give Momma L a big hug for me.
As for you - you just know I will slap you silly if you start pity partying - because FUNpartying is oh so much better. Love you, Bren. Lets catch up on the phone soonest.

boxilla said...

So, what did you think of the hula dudes!?

Ree-C said...

Be still my heart...mahalo fo dat.

Diane Dimond said...

Okay...I've now had a chance to watch the videos. O.M.G.! Mama likes!
How do you say "hunka hunka" in Hawaiian? And what would happen if someone grabbed the "ribbon costume" of one of those precision dancers and gave a big YANK? Is it like wearing a kilt? (tee-hee)

jallen said...

The hula boys are too cute and U da kine too (i like your "stop doing" that" advice -- gonna try it)!
Party on and please convey my "happy birthday" wishes to Ms. Lillian.

Desda said...

Have a wonderful time! May your Mom be feted with all the shirtless hula dudes her heart desires.

Melissa said...
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