Thursday, November 13, 2008

And maybe thats why they lost

Trying to get my paper finished for J-class. I'm writing about how the different political campaigns used the internet and social networking to get out the vote. Called the Fairfax Democrats. identified myself as a grad student, and talked to a nice young lady who gave me names and numbers and also recommended good book to read. Called the Fairfax Republicans and got a lady who told me I had to call the Republican National Committee for information. When I told her I wanted a local angle, she told me to call the state Republican party in Richmond and then hung up the phone. Called them, left message. No response.

They finally canceled "Mad TV". Its been a while coming, but that show used to be funny as hell. RIP Mrs. Campbell, Stewart, and Mrs. Swan.

"My Own Worst Enemy" and "Lipstick Jungle" were also canceled. Didn't watch 'em.


BaysidePartners said...

The GOP is just having a tough time of it now and they don't want to face up to reality. It's hard to lose after 8 years. But they need to regroup and think about these things. My prediction is that BOTH parties are changing a lot, and by the next election, both will look very different. I saw something on TV last night about how the GOP is really grooming that guy in the South who is the Indian-American governor (as in country India) because they think he might appeal to the more "culturally diverse" crowd that voted for Obama. But what they really need to look at is how they could have thought Sarah Palin would appeal to mainstream American women. Even my die-hard Republican significant other was appalled by that one. What about Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Christine Todd Whitman (forget Ms. Viagra Dole after her wacko debacle). By the way, Mr. Viagra himself was getting his hair cut behind me the last time I went to the salon.... which reminds me, it's time for another haircut.

ShenaebytheBay said...

Off the subject...guess what arrived via UPS yesterday? My Obama "Vote for Change" Package that I ordered in August!!! I told them to cancel the order in October! Guess I'll get my inauguration tickets in April...