Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cancer Bitch - Ambushed

I spent the entire month of September either in the hospital or in bed. 

Not quite my plan, but it turns out the bleeding ulcer put up a good fight. And then, for no apparent reason, I started having trouble walking. 4 endoscopies and 3 blood transfusions later, I was released from the hospital during the Annual Cape May Ladies weekend.  Steve sped me down to the ferry and dumped me aboard. 

"One of us is crazy," he said. 

"Yeah, well, you're driving!" The sane member of this marriage drove back to Virginia and left me on a pitching ferry boat.  I could barely walk, so I spent the weekend being dragged around like a sack of potatoes.  But for one glorious night I got a beach front room and had a fabulous meal at "The Blue Pig" (the scallops were awesome)

We also discovered the "Naked Farmer,' one of the produce stands on the way home has lots of wonderful green things being sold by a guy with ripped abs, shorts, a straw hat - and nothing else!

Mom and Sis flew in to the rescue and provided lots of support, casseroles, and one crazy slumber party. ( don't even ask me who that foot belongs to)

My doctors are trying to get me out of bed and out into the world again. Unfortunately that means another blood transfusion and a return to chemo in two weeks. Once again, I'm looking for volunteer drivers who can be plied with Italian food and cupcakes. Hope to get back to work by Early November. Thanks, everyone for the calls, cards, food and care - even though, for the most part, I was too drugged or irritable to be gracious about it!


Diane Dimond said...

Now, you listen to me young lady! I want you to stop worrying about the rest of the world and just concentrate on getting better. While I'm hundreds of miles north I am actually in the backseat of every car that drives you to Johns Hopkins. So are all the rest of your friends who get this blog. So, rest up, get that transfusion, start the bloody chemo again and let's get this show on the road!
We love you, Brenda.

Lynne said...

Transfusion? Just in time for Halloween!

The Adrine taxi is at your service -- just let me know the date and time.

Mireille said...

The Grangenois-Holmes-Cottman B&B and car service is on deck! So are Coco and Future, as surrogate pets!

P.S. What Diane said

Stores Indianapolis said...

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Carol Pack Urban said...

Hi! I just found your blog today. I grew up in the D.C. area (PG County) and I, too, had cancer. Mine was colon cancer. Stage 3. Are you still updating your blog? You've got a wicked sense of humor and I love that!


john morris said...

u shouldent say cancer b**** ambushed the messed

brick said...

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mirae said...

god bless you and good luck!

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