Monday, August 8, 2011

Cancer Bitch - Debt Ceiling Blues

Which is worse?

  1. Summertime chemo
  2. Heat Wave from hell
  3. A tanking 401 k
  4. Partisan hostage taking - not only on Capitol Hill but across the country
  5. No summer vacation (except for family reunions)
  6. "Cowboys and Aliens"
The answer? I'm still thinking....

No, its Congress. Definitely. And at least I don't live in Wisconsin.

The chemo started out bad but, finally, the nausea stopped. My appetite went away, but came back with a vengeance. I discovered the joys of Ginger Calamari at "Zest" and made "Banana Pudding Cupcakes" for the family reunion. Also smuggled home a bag of pepperoni rolls from Westbygawd. Had what I hope is the last round this week and spent a lot of time sleeping or watching "Judge Judy." (whoa-that can't be good)

My 401 k, well, since I can't retire until I turn 90, then it has time to recover. And, when the stock market crashed, I immediately bought stock for the grandkids. I Love I've been using them since the demise of the last investment club I belonged too.

My family reunions were a hell of a lot of fun.

Mom's side of the family endured 104 degree temperatures and still had a great time in Maryland. (Thanks to air conditioning and a great party) During the trip to West Virginia we participated in the annual "Cornhole" tournament, were attacked by a killer bat in the hotel lobby and had the joy of shopping at the Coldwater Canyon Outlet and Gabriels.

And, "Cowboys and Aliens," well it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't the worst either. So, the summer didn't suck! At least, if you can ignore the news every now and then....


Diane Dimond said...

I want to spend summers with YOU! Your reunions are always so fun!
Me? After the Casey Anthony coverage I finally got a week away with my Albuq cousins and two friends and we went to Niagra Falls! Hysterical fun - 12hundred miles in my Jeep with five women in a massive freakin' heat wave.
Wished I had a banana cupcake!
Glad to hear the chemo is almost over and the nausea has eased up. Think you're due for a NY get-away, eh? Your bedroom is waiting!

Anonymous said...

Those are all pretty bad. Did you really hate Cowboys & Aliens? We had a few Daniel Craig acting as a stud scenes, so not a complete waste, right?

I get a headache from watching TV news now - I'm sure dealing with it in DC is even worse.

North Beach Special Events said...

So happy to hear that the nausea has subsided. Smooth sailing ahead, I hope, Boxilla.

We just got back from a last-minute trip to Bermuda, which was badly needed. Back to the grind tomorrow...