Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cancer Bitch Gets Busy

I mean, busy as in Spring cleaning. Get your minds out of the gutter!
Anyway, most recent Johns Hopkins visit was much like the last. Went in, had my CT scan, and waited for the Doctor. He bustles in, looks me over and says, "well I guess we'll keep you off chemo for another month or two. Come back in late June and we'll see how it goes." After he leaves, Steve and I look at each other. "What did that mean?"

Well, I guess I'm not cured, but I guess I'm not getting any worse. Reprieve!

I have two new obsessions - cleaning out the house (no more clutter) and "Game of Thrones" on HBO. Its been described as "Lord of the Rings" if it were produced by "Playboy." Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) is fairly AWESOME! He is, apparently, Lisa Bonet's boy toy.

Someone very dear to me once said that they admired me for continuing to work while on chemo - and that its important to keep busy. What actually kept me going was a quote from one of my favorite movies, "A Family Thing". "Being happy ain't nothin' more than havin' something to look forward to. "

I'm looking forward to college graduations, a huge picnic with friends in Rock Creek Park, Switch and Bitch, a family reunion in Maryland and another in West Virginia, chick flicks with friends.

I'm happy. Hope you are, too.


Carol said...

I want to be in on the chick flicks and the switch and bitch.
Keep me posted.
And no bad news at your checkups is good news in my book!
Love you.

North Beach Special Events said...

You are so right, Boxilla... philisophy fits you! Love and prayer does make a big difference in life.

I have tons of stuff for the next Switch & Bitch... are we expanding to include household stuff as we discussed? I hope so!

Count me in on chick flicks - and I'd really like to be your chauffeur for late June to Baltimore... let me know the date! We're all pulling for more positive news!


jallen said...

With apologies to the temptations (or whoever wrote that song) You're like sunshine on a cloudy day.
Great news, positive thoughts -- a great start to another wonderful day.

Lynne said...

To Life!

Trashmaster46 said...
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