Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cancer Bitch - When Vegetables Turn on You

My chemo treatment was delayed today by over an hour because my potassium levels were high. They looked over my blood tests, hooked me up to an EKG - everything was fine and eventually I got the chemo. Posse member Beth and I drove to Silver Diner for lunch, then had to scramble for home when Steve called and said the home nurse had already arrived. I swear the fork was halfway to my lips!

I told Jackie, the nurse, about the potassium concerns. She asked me if I consume a lot of orange juice, bananas or kale. I had made a big pot of fresh collard greens last week and had been eating them every day. Case closed.

Some of you know that last Friday's trip to JH was a big old mess. I was scheduled for a CT Scan because my doctor was concerned about the occasions I experienced blurred vision and he said my face was no longer symetrical (like Lyle Lovett??). Turns out he had actually ordered a brain MRI. I knew it was a mistake when the nurse told me to drink 2 large cups of water to expand my bladder. What tha what? The MRI is now scheduled for Saturday morning. Holiday weekend.

On the way back from JH Friday, Steve, Doris and I drove to Ellicott City to meet sister-in-law Mary for lunch. We got lost. Repeatedly.

Today, we received a box from Amazon. It was a GPS system, sent by Doris. Steve loved it - got indignant-loved it. He then took it to his basement lair to play with it. I had only one emotion - THANK YOU DORIS!


Lynne said...

Wait -- are you telling me that collard greens AREN'T good for you?!?!

Diane Dimond said...

brain mri - huh? Your face isn't symmetrical? I mean, like, who's is? Cause mine ain't. But this kinda talk worries me, girlie.
more detail on the phone, please.

boxilla said...

Greens aren't bad for you - but it raised my potassium levels substantially from the last visit and that freaked them out. (I guess I shouldnt eat large quantities every day!)

Msjallen said...

no more greens. next trip to JH, program that GPS to get to Dangerously Delicious Pies, Federal Hill.

boxilla said...

Didn't make to Dangerouly Delicious Pies, but did stop by the Cupcake Factory (which was closed, darn it)