Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to Hopkins

Back off to Johns Hopkins today (The Emerald City) to see what the wizard can tell me. Its cold, its miserable, and I have the distinct feeling that I will NOT see a decent crab cake today. I'm ready for them this time, too! I'm bringing an overnight back in case they decide to keep me overnight again - no butt-flapping hospital gown this time!


Lynne said...

Maybe you'll get a chance to spend some time in that special spa where they snapped Dorothy's wig so nicely.

Keeping fingers, toes, arms, legs etc. crossed.


kathy said...

All good thoughts and prayers go with you . K

Anonymous said...

I will be rooting for you while I root for Boise State from Tempe. Good Luck dear friend.

Geri said...

I was looking for the "cancer bitch" blog. There actually is one, you know. We've already broken out Mexican Train and are eager to take on you and Steve. So hang in there! Praying for you as always. Sharing lyrics from one of my favorite songs:
I've had some good days,
I've had some hills to climb.
I've had some weary days
and some sleepless nights.
But when I look around
and think things over,
All of my good days
outweigh my bad days
and I won't complain.

Sometimes the clouds hang low,
I can hardly see the road.
I ask a question, "Lord
Why so much pain below?"
But he knows what's best for me
Although my weary eyes, they can't see
So I'll just say, Thank You Lord.
I won't complain.

Msjallen said...

So good to see you using your your new skills. Damn, ur good.

About those crab cakes -- just have them delivered.
Here's a list:

Good vibes and warm thoughts (and i'm not talking about food)


Lil said...

Brenda, I just wanted to remind you that although life brings many changes, God's love for us remains constant. He's always there, guiding us through decisions and helping us do the hard things.always restoring in us a sense of hope and peace, no matter what we're facing, and the most beautiful thing about God is that the more we need Him, the closer He is...Thats how I know He is especially close to you now. Love you, Mom.......hey Joanne, do they deliver those crabcakes to Florida?

vickirtucker said...

Hey Brenda,
I'm sorry to hear the bitter news but I know that God is a healer and His sufficient grace is enough to keep you so I encourage you to set your face like flint(I know you will)and prepare to live and not die!
Love Cousin,Vicki

North Beach Special Events said...

We're going to MAKE for you the damn best crab cakes on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake and DELIVER them to you! Love you, my dear friend. Hang in there...


Mireille said...

So, Ari and I tried to find you a pair of button bottom PJ's while NYC. Alas, I wasn't sure what size your would fit your booty :-)!

You know I'm kidding for now but all the while keeping you in prayer and love.


charlene said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers. We'll send you light and love and healing thoughts to beat this and enjoy every minute.
Charlene & Mic