Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have you ever attended a town hall meeting?

(photo courtesy of ken_1001)

People are nutting out across the country about the health care reform bill. Well, the health bill is their excuse. Members of Congress are dodging chairs just like happy hour at a bikers bar. Maybe that's what they should be doing.

For so long, they would hold these boring meetings - an excuse to get back to the District - and they'd read their press release/prepared remarks and congratulate themselves for yet another snoozefest. Have you ever attended a town hall meeting? I haven't. I may go now - its cheaper than tickets to a World Federation wrestling match.

Even if many of the people attending the meeting aren't actually members of that particular Congressional District, lawmakers should be grateful for their presence. The media is breathlessly covering most of these town hall meetings. Look for incumbents running for re-election to recycle this free publicity - as clips in their ads to demonstrate their willingness to take a brick for Democracy.

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North Beach Special Events said...

We have a bunch of people in our town that show up for every public meeting because they obviously don't have anything better to do. You name it, they will gripe about it. As one friend puts it, even the worst reality TV show can't match this for entertainment value.